The 5 Best Indonesian Coffee Beans that You Have to Taste

The 5 Best Indonesian Coffee Beans that You Have to Taste

As one of the largest coffee producer in the world, it is not surprising if Indonesia has many coffee plantations with many coffee beans variety and almost all of them are qualified for export. The Indonesian coffee beans have become the top coffee product in the world market for many years. This article will give you the information about the top 5 Indonesian coffee beans that you have to taste to complete your coffee experiences.

Best Indonesian Coffee Beans

Gayo Coffee

The Gayo coffee has the same name with the mountain area where this coffee first planted. This Indonesian coffee beans, which are grown on the highland of the Central Aceh region, has a unique flavor and a fine taste. It is not too bitter and not too strong. Because of its perfect taste, the Gayo coffee gets Fair Trade Certified from International Organization of Fair Trade in 2010. Not only that, the Gayo coffee is also nominated as the best coffee in the world at International Conference on Coffee Science. In addition, the Gayo coffee has become the most expensive coffee at a coffee exhibition that held by Specialty Coffee Association of America. For now, US and Europe countries are the main export destination of this coffee.

Kintamani Coffee

This coffee has big size beans and a quite strong body. The taste is not too bitter. The Kintamani coffee has two main notes, floral and lemon. The lemon and floral notes contribute to the uniqueness flavor of this coffee. The Indonesian coffee beans, which are planted in the mountain range of Kintamani in Bali Island, has a massive production, approximately 2000-3000 tons per year. In the plantation, the Kintamani coffee beans are irrigated with the traditional technique of irrigation called Subak. The main export destination of this coffee is Japan, Australian and Arab.

Flores/Bajawa Coffee

The island of Flores is also producing good quality Indonesian coffee beans. The coffee beans from its island are called Bajawa coffee. The Bajawa coffee has a low level of acidity and very strong body. The main flavors of this coffee are chocolate, vanilla and caramel. These Indonesian coffee beans are grown in Bajawa highland, the mountain range in Flores. The product of Bajawa coffee are exported to the United States.

Java Coffee

The main variety of Java coffee is originally Arabica and Robusta. In the Central Java, the coffee beans are dominated by Arabica while in East Java most of the coffee beans are Robusta. There are many coffee plantations in Java Island which produce the high-quality Indonesian coffee beans, such as Jampit, Belawan and Kayu Mas. The characteristics of this coffee are medium acid, quite viscous, and aromatic.

Toraja Coffee

The main different between Toraja coffee and others Indonesian coffee beans is this coffee does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth and the acid taste suddenly loses in the first gulp. The flavor of Toraja coffee basically same with another Sulawesi coffee like Kalosi. It has low acidity with woody and slightly earthy notes. These unique flavors are caused by the traditional technique which is used by farmers to pick up the beans.

Once in a lifetime, you have to try all of the taste of Indonesian coffee beans. It will give you the awesome experience of drinking coffee.

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