Tips to Clean Your Coffee Grinder Burr Perfectly

Tips to Clean Your Coffee Grinder Burr Perfectly

If you grind your own coffee beans, you know the importance of well-functioned coffee grinder burr. Dirty, grimy burr will affect the flavor of your coffee greatly, so make sure you always keep it clean. Here are useful tips and methods to clean your coffee grinder burr, in order to get consistent coffee flavor.

How to Clean Coffee Grinder Burr Perfectly

Prepare the Right Tools for Cleaning

Cleaning coffee grinder is a meticulous task. You need to clean all the coffee gunk, grime, and oily buildup from all nooks and crevices. Make sure you prepare all proper tools to clean your coffee grinder burr, such as grinder cleaner, a soft brush, clean cloth, screwdriver, toothpicks, vacuum cleaner with hose, and coffee beans. They are useful to “re-season” your burr right after cleaning.

Brush/Wipe the Brush as a Start 

The opening “cleaning act” for coffee grinder burr is actually just simple wiping or brushing. This is something that you can do every day or week, and it can reduce the needs to do complicated cleaning act. Open the hopper and burr case (if any), brush/wipe all the dirt, gunk, and buildup that sticks on your coffee grinder burr.

Use Special Burr Grinder Cleaning Pellet

If regular brushing does not work on the burr grinder, or if you want to save time and energy, use burr grinder cleaner like Urnex Grindz or Full Circle. These products come in the shape of coffee bean-sized pellets, made of non-toxic, food-grade ingredients. Simply turn on the coffee grinder burr and grind a tablespoon of these pellets just like when you grind coffee, and they will work by removing the dust and oil buildup from the components.

Deep, Monthly Cleaning

Even if you often clean your coffee grinder burr, sometimes you need to do thorough cleaning, especially if you often use the grinder. Once in a month, remove he cap, dome, hopper, and other removable components until you can get access to the actual grinder. First, use clean toothbrush to clean all the buildup, and use toothpick to remove sticky buildup from very small nooks and crannies. Then, use the vacuum hose to suck the remaining buildup. Finally, use cloth with a little foamy water (mixed with mild dishwashing liquid), and clean the surface to really remove the residue.

Tips to Clean Coffee Grinder Burr

While cleaning coffee grinder burr is generally an easy feat, there are several things you need to know. First, do not use rice grains to clean the burr. Many people opt for rice instead of actual cleaning pellets, since rice is cheaper and “more natural.” However, rice grains are harder than actual coffee grinder burr cleaner, and using them can potentially damage your coffee grinder. Also, after you finish cleaning all the parts, grind some coffee beans just to adjust the grinder to your usual setting, since taking off all the parts can change the setting that you are used to.

Having a clean, well-maintained coffee grinder is important to make high quality cup of coffee. Make sure to properly clean your coffee grinder burr, and enjoy nice flavor of coffee every day.

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