The 5 Hidden Sumatra Coffee Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The 5 Hidden Sumatra Coffee Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Sumatra Island is the largest coffee beans producer in Indonesia, there are so many places with coffee plantation from Aceh, North Sumatra, Bengkulu, until Lampung. The fact that Sumatra coffee beans have the finest quality and the good taste is unquestionable. But, behind those positive facts about Sumatra coffee, there are some hidden Sumatra coffee facts that you probably didn’t know. Here is the list for you.

Hidden Sumatra Coffee Facts You Need to Know

1. The prosperity of the coffee farmers

If it had not because the result of hard work by the coffee farmers, maybe we can’t taste a cup of good coffee until now. But, one of the hidden Sumatra coffee facts is, there are so many problems that have to be faced by the coffee farmers. The biggest problem is about prosperity. We have known that the Sumatra coffee beans have the high sell price because of its good quality.

In fact, most of the coffee farmers didn’t get the benefit of this. There are still many coffee farmers live in poverty. It happens because the selling price of coffee beans from the farmers is very cheap if compared with the selling price in the market. The long distribution chain is the main problem that contribute to the expensive price of the coffee beans.

2. Most of Sumatra coffee farmers are women

The Sumatra coffee facts that maybe you don’t know yet is almost 80% of the Sumatra coffee farmers are women. However, they lackagriculture training, harvesting technique, coffee beans processing, and self-development.

They only work based on their own experiences and their own knowledge about coffee that comes here. Without any training for them, it must be have an effect to coffee beans producing. The Sumatra coffee farmers should get the attention about their lack of competence. They have to be trained to improve the quality of Sumatra coffee products.

3. Traditional method of the coffee processing

The Sumatra coffee beans are processed traditionally without using the machine. It can have the positive and the negative effects. The positive one is the farmers can keep the good quality of the coffee beans if they use the manual process. But the negative side is they can only produce the raw coffee beans. They are not capable in the diversification of the coffee products. This is one of the Sumatra coffee facts that have to be known by government or stakeholder in coffee production.

4. The slow growing coffee beans

One of the weaknesses of Sumatra coffee bean is about its slow growing. The coffee farmers only use the organic fertilizer for the coffee plantation. The lack of information about planting and harvesting method also contributes to these Sumatra coffee facts. If the growing of coffee beans can be maximized, the production of Sumatra coffee beans can be improved rapidly.

5. The expansion of palm oil plantation

The land transition phenomenon from the coffee plantation to palm oil plantation is one of the hidden Sumatra coffee facts that are not yet widely known. Because of the palm oil is more profitable than coffee many coffee farmers change their mind. They prefer to plant palm oil in their ex-coffee plantation. It is should be avoided because it can decrease the production of Sumatra coffee beans.

Those hidden Sumatra coffee facts should be known by us to give awareness to the life of coffee farmers and the Sumatra coffee beans. The good taste of Sumatra coffee beans has to be preserved.

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