The Useful Tips to Help You Choose The Right Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine

The Useful Tips to Help You Choose The Right Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine

If you prefer to buy roasted coffee beans rather than pre-ground coffee, the espresso machine with an integrated grinder is the best option for you. It can help you to do more efficient brewing activity than you grind coffee beans and make espresso on a separate machine. But to get the best result, you have to selective in choosing the right coffee grinder espresso machine. Here are some useful tips to help you picking it.

How to Choose The Right Coffee Grinder Espresso Machine

Blade or burr grinder?

The roasted coffee beans have to be ground properly to get the smaller pieces of them. The smaller pieces of beans will increase the surface area necessary for extraction. The faster extraction can be obtained with the larger surface area and the finer grind size. The right size of ground coffee beans are different depends on the brewing method.

In order to get the perfect ground coffee beans you have to choose which type of coffee grinder espresso machine you are using. There are two types of coffee grinder espresso, blade and burr grinder. The blade grinder is the simplest and the cheapest grinder that commonly found in the market. You only need to pour the coffee beans into the grinder and press the power button.

The blade will rotate to break beans into smaller pieces. The grind size depends on the duration of grinding process. The longer the duration, the finer the grind size. It is very simple coffee grinder espresso for users but it has some weaknesses. You can’t control and adjust the size of ground coffee beans you want. It also lacks consistency of the grind size.

The next one is burr grinder. There are two types of the burr grinder, conical and flat blade. The conical burr grinder has two cone shaped burrs while the flat blade has two flat and parallel burrs that are placed at a distance. Both of them can break coffee beans into the uniform size. You can also adjust the grind size you want by setting the distance of burrs. Because burr grinder can produce more uniform grind size and easier to control rather than the blade grinder, so the choice between them is burr grinder.

Dose or no dose grinder?

If you go for the coffee grinder espresso machine with the burr grinder, the next step is to determine the choice between a dose and no dose grinder. The dose is designed to set the volume of ground coffee by allowing users to grind the beans in batches into a dose container.

The dose will help you put the uniform dosage of coffee in your cups. If you pick coffee grinder espresso machine for commercial use, you should choose a grinder with a dose. But if you just use the grinder for home usage, you don’t actually need the dose so go for the no dose grinder.

The stepped or the stepless adjustment grinder?

Another criteria for choosing the coffee grinder espresso machine is about the types of grind size adjustment. There are two types, the stepped and the stepless adjustment grinder. The stepped means you can adjust the grind size for several numbers of setting. There is a preset stop where the grind setting will stop at. While the stepless means, you have an infinite number of setting. The choice is very subjective, depends on your skill in using the grinder. If you are not really sure with your skill go for the stepped adjustment grinder.

Having a right coffee grinder espresso machine is the key to consistent and quality brew. You should not pick the wrong choice.

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