The Most Interesting Indonesia Coffee Plantation for Tourism

The Most Interesting Indonesia Coffee Plantation for Tourism

If we talk about coffee, most of the people said many things about the coffee beans variety, the unique taste, or the brewing method. Have you ever think about the coffee plantation? How the farmers pick up the coffee? Or how do you feel when enjoying coffee directly in the Indonesia coffee plantation? If you are curious about it, you can try to visit and spend your holiday in these most interesting Indonesia coffee plantation for tourism. Let’s check the list of them.

Here are Indonesia Coffee Plantation for Tourism

Bangli, Kintamani, Bali

Bali is not only about unique cultures, beautiful beaches, and awesome sceneries. Bali also has one of the best tourism Indonesia coffee plantation. The Indonesia coffee plantation which is located at Bangli, Kintamani highland, offers you an interesting experience to take a coffee plantation tour. In this tour, you can see the harvesting process of coffee beans, the traditional roasting method with firewood, which is believed can improve the taste quality of coffee beans, and taste a cup of Kintamani coffee freshly from the plantation.

This Indonesia coffee plantation is a producer of Kintamani coffee beans which is popular because of its fruit notes. Kintamani coffee plantation also produces Luwak coffee which is naturally processed in there. After walking around the plantation you can buy the Kintamani coffee beans as a souvenir.

Gayo, Aceh

This Indonesia coffee plantation is known as the best producer of Arabica coffee in Indonesia. The coffee beans product from Gayo plantation is not only sold in the domestic market but also exported to many countries. The largest consumer of Gayo Arabica coffee is European countries. Gayo coffee plantation is located at alongside Gayo highland, Aceh.

In this coffee plantation, you can see the production and the coffee processing of Gayo Arabica coffee which has the largest production in Asia with the total area that reaches almost 95.000 hectares. You can get an unforgettable moment in there with picking up the coffee beans yourself and take part in the coffee processing from green coffee beans until the coffee is ready to drink. Besides of the interesting coffee experience, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around Gayo highland.

Karanganyar, Blitar

Initially, Karanganyar plantation, one of the Indonesian coffee plantation which is a heritage from Netherlands colonial government, is not open for public. But since 2016, this coffee plantation which is located at Blitar, East Java offer one-day coffee plantation trip for tourist. After open for public, Karanganyar coffee plantation becomes one of the most crowded tourist attraction in Blitar.

The coffee plantation with former name “De Karanganjar Koffieplantage” has many unique spots for photography. There are historical buildings with Holland architecture that can make your coffee time cozier. Besides of the coffee plantation, you can also visit the impressive coffee museum in there and try a one-night life in to enjoy the coffee plantation atmosphere.

Spending holiday in the Indonesia coffee plantation is an interesting experience, especially for a coffee lover. Don’t miss that rare opportunity if you have it.

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