The 3 Largest Indonesian Coffee Association You Have to Know

The 3 Largest Indonesian Coffee Association You Have to Know

The rise of coffee lovers in Indonesia is directly proportional to the growth of the coffee activists from upstream to downstream both the coffee farmers, the coffee suppliers, the coffee exporters, the coffee shop businessman, the coffee roasters, the coffee machine suppliers, the brewing coffee taster and the organizations which is engaged in the establishment of coffee quality standards. Therefore, it needs an organization that can accommodate the interest of all the coffee activists. In Indonesia, there are some Indonesian coffee associations that have been established for many years. Here are the largest Indonesian coffee association you have to know.

The Largest Indonesian Coffee Association You Have to Know

1. Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI)

SCAI is an Indonesian coffee association which is a part of global network of Specialty Coffee Association. SCAI is established to educate the global coffee market related to specialty coffee, develop an effective system of coffee standardization and certification, overcome supply chain problems, build a network for coffee industry players, and raise law awareness in the specialty coffee business activities.

The SCAI’s headquarter is located at Agriculture Ministry of Indonesia in Jakarta. Besides of the main functions that have been described previously, SCAI also organizes some events for the coffee lovers such as Indonesia Latte Art Championship, Indonesia Cup Taster Championship, Barista Training and SCAI Expo. For the coffee lover that have high interest in specialty coffee, SCAI is a recommended organization to be joined because they will get greater access to the worldwide specialty coffee community through education programs, events, and competitions.

2. Gabungan Eksportir Kopi Indonesia (GAEKI)

Gabungan Eksportir Kopi Indonesia (GAEKI) or the Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association (ICEA) is an Indonesia coffee association which is established in Surabaya on October 2011 to accommodate the coffee exporter interests and build a mutual cooperation among them. GAEKI is a place for unifying the coffee businessman both upstream and downstream, domestic and export market.

The main vision of this Indonesia coffee association is to preserve the coffee commodity as one of the main export agribusiness icon that competitive and sustainable. In addition, GAEKI also makes a big effort to increase the prosperity of the coffee farmers, the coffee traders, and the coffee suppliers in order to give a positive contribution to national economy.

3. Asosiasi Eksportir Kopi Indonesia (AEKI)

AsosiasiEkspotir Kopi Indonesia (AEKI) or the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AICE) is another Indonesian coffee association which is founded as the professional meeting point of the coffee exporters in Indonesia. AEKI headquarters in Jakarta and has 13 supporting regional offices in major coffee producing areas throughout the country.

The main goal of this Indonesian coffee association is to actively cooperate with the government to discuss policy in the field of coffee business, both domestically and internationally. AEKI also take part in connecting producer and consumer countries to build a mutual relationship between them.

The existence of Indonesia coffee association is needed to help all the coffee business players improve the good relationship as a primary foundation for increasing the coffee business in Indonesia.

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