Ideal Coffee Grinder with Scale for Espresso and French Press

Ideal Coffee Grinder with Scale for Espresso and French Press

If you are a home barista who loves switching between espresso and French press, you may need to invest in coffee grinder with scale, like Barista Brain Burr Grinder. Since espresso and French press coffee need different grinding requirements, a scale will be useful in getting the right size of coffee beans. Here are reasons why Barista Brain may be your next best purchase for coffee grinder with scale.

Ideal Coffee Grinder with Scale for Espresso

Built-in Smart Scale

Barista Brain has built-in smart scale that not only weighs the coffee beans, but also adjusts the right amount of them to make desired coffee type. You can set the specific weight you want for your coffee, and the grinder will automatically match its grinding work. You can say goodbye to miscalculating the coffee powder with this coffee grinder with scale; now you can get the right amount of coffee to make good cup of joe.

Double Grinding Options for Different Amounts

Making various amounts of coffee? Barista Brain offers two different grinding options for those who need to make coffee in various amounts each time. From a simple single cup to 10 cups at once, this coffee grinder with scale gives you freedom to make coffee. You can grind the beans directly in the portafilter, or use the available coffee container to grind 10 cups of coffee at once.

Easy Adjustment for the Grinding Power

Grinding power determines how strong your coffee will be in each cup, especially if you want to make several cups of coffee and want them to be consistent. This coffee grinder with scale has adjustable grinding power setting, which you can reduce or increase to get less thick or thicker beverage in one cup.

Coffee-Spillover Prevention

Barista Brain has a feature called Smart Hopper, a 16-ounce, UV-radiated hopper that helps trapping the coffee powder in its place when you finish the grinding process and remove the hopper. Many conventional coffee grinders do not have such safety feature, which makes some coffee powder spilled over from its hopper and mess up with your coffee recipe. This coffee grinder with scale makes sure that you get consistent flavor and strength from your cup.

User-friendly Interface

Barista Brain is a modern coffee grinder with scale that makes your task easier. The grinder has LED-lit interface screen that displays symbols for settings, grind icons, warning icons, and many more. You can easily adjust how much coffee you want, how strong the grinding is, and whether your grind setting is correct or not.


If you are interested in product comparison, you can compare Barista Brain with Breville Dose Control Pro. Both coffee grinders have similar ability to switch between various grind settings in order to make the right cup of beverage. The difference is: while Breville can have much finer setting for perfect espresso, it does not have complete, built-in scale like Barista Brain. Also, Barista Brain is great to switch between French press, pour over, fine drip, and regular drip methods.

Barista Brain is a great grinder if you like switching between various coffee-making methods. Make this coffee grinder with scale a staple in your kitchen for perfect cup of joe every day.

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