4 Best Products from Coffee Grinder Ottawa Supplier Ma Cuisine

4 Best Products from Coffee Grinder Ottawa Supplier Ma Cuisine

Canada is a home for thousands of coffee shops, restaurants and bistros. Coffee grinder Ottawa supplier Ma Cuisine has long been famous for its high quality coffee grinders, both for professional and home purposes, with perfect location in the center of Ottawa market (although it also serves online customers). Here are 4 most recommended products from this coffee grinder Ottawa supplier, special for professional and home baristas in Canada.

Best Products from Coffee Grinder Ottawa 

Bodum Bistro Blade Coffee Grinder

Bodum Bistro is one of the most affordable grinders you can get from Ma Cuisine. This grinder is compact, perfect for small kitchen or people who only make one or a few cups of coffee every day. The grinder also has storage place for the cord, so you can roll and store it when not using the grinder, saving even more space in the kitchen. The grinder is made of the combination between steel, rubber, plastic, and transparent lid on top to help measuring the powder. The coffee grinder Ottawa supplier charges $40 for this coffee grinder.

Saeco Burr Grinder

Flat burr grinder usually gets more praise than conical, because it creates more consistent powder. Saeco Burr Grinder has quite affordable price, but it produces consistent ground coffee that you can use every day. The stainless steel body and easy setting adjustment makes this grinder a favorite product from Ma Cuisine. The coffee grinder Ottawa supplier sells this particular grinder for about $110. The compact, modern design makes it perfect to be put in any kitchen, including small kitchen that only has small space for additional machine such as coffee grinder. If you usually have small time to wash the dishes, this coffee grinder Ottawa product is easy to wash because it has anti-static feature.

Bodum Antigua Burr Grinder

Another steel burr grinder product from Ma Cuisine, this particular piece is perfect for home baristas who already have quite an experience with coffee. The sleek, modern design makes it really modern and perfect for all kitchen designs. There are features such as automatic timer and various grinder settings that allow you to make precise coffee powder size for certain types of beverages. The coffee grinder Ottawa supplier sells this burr grinder for about $135.

Peugeot Bresil Hand Grinder

Finally, this is probably the more “artsy” and sophisticated piece among products featured here. The Peugeot Bresil is a hand grinder, with elegant shape and durable components. While hand grinder may not be an ideal option for speed and practicality, it is great if you are a true coffee connoisseur who is used to grind your beans manually, with precise requirements. Peugeot Bresil is Ma Cuisine’s star product for old-fashioned, vintage-looking coffee grinder, and perfect for coffee connoisseur with traditional taste. The coffee grinder Ottawa supplier sells this product with $140 price tag, but the quality is definitely worth the price.

Choosing the right supplier for coffee grinder is important if you love coffee, including if you live in Canada. Ma Cuisine’s products are among the most recommended if you look for coffee grinder Ottawa supplier.

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