Things You Need to Know About Kalosi Toraja Coffee Profile

Things You Need to Know About Kalosi Toraja Coffee Profile

Besides of Sumatran coffee and Java coffee, Indonesia also has many other coffee varieties which have a special taste. Sulawesi as one of the largest coffee producer in Indonesia has a popular coffee variety in the world market that is Kalosi Toraja coffee. Do you know much about this coffee? If no, let’s get to know closer about this coffee

Things You Need to Know About Kalosi Toraja Coffee

The origin of Kalosi Toraja coffee

Actually, there is a misunderstanding about the name of Kalosi Toraja coffee. This coffee is the name of the coffee beans which are produced in different area. Both Kalosi and Toraja are the name of the area located at Sulawesi. Kalosi is the name of a small city in Enrekang, South Sulawesi which is the largest coffee market around there and also produces Kalosi coffee beans while Toraja is the name of a highland area in South Sulawesi which produces Toraja coffee beans.

So, most of the people call the coffee beans originally from South Sulawesi as Kalosi Toraja coffee. The history of Sulawesi coffee began from Netherland’s invasion era hundreds year ago. The first coffee planted in South Sulawesi is Arabica which is grown in the highland of Toraja. Tana Toraja is the perfect highland area for coffee plantation because of its geographical location. Then, Arabica Toraja coffee is spread out to other areas in South Sulawesi, including Kalosi.

The coffee beans planted at Kalosi land obviously has a little different taste with Toraja coffee. So, Kalosi coffee is also popular as high-quality Sulawesi coffee beans with special taste and unique aroma. Almost 95% of Kalosi Toraja coffee production is cultivated by the coffee farmers in the small private coffee plantation. The Sulawesi coffee farmers usually use a traditional coffee-processing technique called “giling basah”.

The characteristic of Kalosi Toraja coffee

Generally, both of Kalosi and Toraja coffee or others Sulawesi coffee have a pure coffee flavor and low acidity with nuts and spicy notes. There is also a little bit sweetness in the after-taste. The aroma of this coffee is so special. This coffee is also called as “Queen of Coffee” because it has tasteful flavors, aromatic, and the balanced combination of acid and bitter taste. Those are the uniqueness of Kalosi Toraja coffee.

The market of Kalosi Toraja coffee

This coffee is very popular in Japan, United States, and Germany. Those countries are the main export destination of Kalosi Toraja coffee. In Japan, this coffee is considered as one of premium drinks. Most of the Kalosi Toraja coffee lovers in Japan are high-class people because to get a cup of this coffee they have to purchase expensive price. Almost 40% of coffee distributed in Japan is Kalosi Toraja coffee.

That’s all some coffee facts about one of the best Indonesian coffee. May this article can broaden your knowledge about good coffee. Keep your cups full with coffee and you will not regret to sip it.

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