The Profile and Brief Review about Mandheling Coffee Beans

The Profile and Brief Review about Mandheling Coffee Beans

Are you a coffee lover? Have you ever heard or ever taste the Mandheling coffee? If you haven’t don’t call yourself a true coffee lover. Although you haven’t tasted the flavor of Mandheling coffee beans, at least you should know about it. Here is the review about Mandheling coffee beans.

Review about Mandheling Coffee Beans

The name of the coffee

The word “Mandheling” is an international name of Mandailing coffee from Sumatra. The word “Mandailing” itself refers to the name of an ethnic in North Sumatra which is a sub-family of Bataknese people. Mandailing is also the name of a regency in North Sumatra where the Mandheling coffee beans growing.So, the people call Mandheling coffee based on the origin of this coffee.

The origin of the coffee

Arabica Mandheling coffee beans had become popular in the world since 1878. This coffee is growing well in the land which has altitude at 1200 ft above sea level. Since 1699, Arabica coffee variety which is the origin of Arabica Mandheling coffee beans were brought by Netherland colonial government to Indonesia. Pakantan regency is the first area in Sumatra where the coffee beans planted.

At that time, Arabica coffee first planted in Mandailing Natal (Pakantan regency), North Sumatra and then spread out to Lintong Nihuta, North Tapanuli, and Gayo highlands in Aceh. Based on the history of this coffee which firstly exported from Mandailing Natal coast, people name the Arabica coffee beans from North Sumatra as Mandheling coffee beans.

The characteristics

Basically, the Arabica coffee grown in North Sumatra can be classified to several varieties those are Arabica Lintong, Arabica Gayo, Arabica Sidikalang, Arabica Brastagi, and Arabica Mandheling. The Arabica Gayo coffee has a strong full body, medium level of acidity, and special aroma. While the characteristics of Arabica Lintong coffee are the medium body, medium level of acidity, and strong aroma. The taste of Mandheling coffee beans is a combination of Arabica Gayo coffee and Arabica Lintong coffee.

This combination makes the perfect taste of Mandheling coffee which has a full body, medium level of acidity, strong chocolate and herbal flavors with floral, earthy, and woody notes and also a little bit of sweetness and strong aroma. Until now, its beans are only found in the land of Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. There is no other place in Indonesia that plant the type of this coffee bean.

The Roasting and Brewing Mandheling Coffee Beans

Mandheling coffee beans have intense, complex and earthy flavors. Mandheling coffee also considered as one of the world’s most full-bodied coffee. The roast recommended for Mandheling coffee is Italian or Vienna roast in order to emphasize the sweetness and the earthy flavor. If you want a heavier body, you can try French roast. Mandheling coffee well brewed both in Aeropress and Chemex coffee maker. You can also add milk or cream which can enhance the original flavor of this coffee.

So, that’s all the brief review about Mandheling coffee beans. Don’t forget to try its perfect taste.

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