Things You Have To Know about Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Characteristics

Things You Have To Know about Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Characteristics

The quality of the coffee beans is an important thing that determines the taste of the coffee. The coffee quality is greatly influenced by the characteristic of the coffee beans, including Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics. Did you know that there are three main characteristics of the coffee bean that determines the quality of the coffee itself? Here are the 3 important things you have to know about Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics.

Things You Have To Know about Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Characteristics


If you are a coffee lover, you must know about the acidity character of many varieties of the coffee beans. One of them is the Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics. The acidity of the coffee is determined by several factors, such as where is the coffee beans growing and what is the method of the coffee beans processing. The coffee beans which are grown in the highlands that rich in volcanic minerals will have a high level of acidity.

Based on the process of the coffee, the coffee processed with the wet method has higher acidity level than dry-processed. In addition, the acidity of the coffee beans also depends on the roasting temperature, the type of grill and the brewing method. One of the popular Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics is about its medium level of acidity. This medium acidity is affected by the volcanic land where the Mandheling coffee grows and the giling basah (semi-wet) coffee processing method.


When you enjoy a cup of coffee, you will realize that the aroma of the coffee is the most important character for determining the quality of your coffee. Each type of the coffee beans has its own aroma that can stimulate the sense of our smell. The aroma of the coffee received by our senses occurs through two mechanisms. First, the aroma directly perceived by the nose when we smell the aroma before we drink coffee.

The second mechanism occurs when the coffee has been swallowed and the volatile compounds found in the coffee evaporates into the nasal tract. Sumatra Mandheling coffee is one of the coffee variety that has a special and unique aroma. This aroma is the main Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics that interesting the coffee lovers. The earthy aroma of this coffee is one of the uniqueness of the Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics.


The third character that determines the quality of the coffee is about the body of the coffee. The body is a level of the coffee strength taste that you can feel by letting the coffee stays on the tongue for a while longer. The body of the coffee ranges from mild to a strong or full body. The coffee body is affected by the roasting method and the origin of the coffee beans.

The coffee roasted with medium and dark level will have a stronger body than the lighter roasted coffee. The Sumatra origin coffee usually has a full body. A full body coffee is also found in the Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics, with a little bit of chocolate flavor in the end of the taste.

You will always free to choose your favorite coffee beans. But, before you fall in love with one of the type of coffee beans you have to know the characteristic of your coffee, including the Sumatra Mandheling coffee characteristics.

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