Is Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee Same with Toraja Coffee? Here is the answer!

Is Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee Same with Toraja Coffee? Here is the answer!

The coffee beans originated from South Sulawesi always identical as Toraja coffee. In fact, there are many other coffee varieties which are produced in South Sulawesi. One of them is Sulawesi Kalosi coffee. So, is Sulawesi Kalosi coffee same with Toraja coffee? What is the different between them? Here is the answer.

Is Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee Same with Toraja Coffee? 

Kalosi coffee is not Toraja coffee

The Toraja coffee names or brands already attached to all of the coffee beans which come from Sulawesi. Even though the coffee beans is actually not come from Tana Toraja region, but originally from several areas around South Sulawesi such as Enrekang, Masalle, Bone-Bone, and Benteng Alla.

Sulawesi Kalosi coffee is the name of the coffee beans originated from Kalosi sub-district which is not located in Toraja but in Enrekang region. This inaccurate information about the origin of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee or generally  Sulawesi coffee makes the coffee beans produced in other areas in Sulawesi is not very popular.

What about Toraja Kalosi coffee?

In the coffee market, there is also a coffee brand with the name Toraja Kalosi coffee which is popular as one of the high-quality coffee beans from Sulawesi. Toraja-Kalosi could also mean the merger of the coffee from those two regions. But, it would be an error if it is introduced as a name of single origin coffee.

The term single origin coffee itself can refer to the origin of the coffee or the coffee that comes only from a coffee farmer or gardener and roasted with certain roasting profiles and served with its own method. Whatever it is, a single origin coffee is at least derived from one area and not combined from two areas. So, Toraja Kalosi coffee is not accurate if it is considered as a combination of two coffee-producing areas.

The history of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee

Since when the name of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee itself is used as a noun representing a local coffee from South Sulawesi is still blurred. Historically, naming a coffee with place identity can have many meanings. Two meanings which are most often used is the name of the coffee plantation place and the name of the harbor. Such as Java coffee name in the 19th century, it does not always mean the coffee is grown in the area of Java, but can also mean the coffee departed from a port in Java. The name of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee itself is referred to the name of small village Kalosi which is used as a coffee marketplace and can also mean the coffee beans grown at Kalosi land.

The need of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee identification

When we talk about specialty coffee industry like Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, it requires the traceability of the coffee origins. The information regarding the coffee obtained from South Sulawesi is needed as soon as possible to begin. The roaster or trader who sells specialty coffee has to introduce the coffee products identities include the region where the coffee is grown.

The identity of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee has to be a concern for the coffee trader. It is important if we want the specialty coffee from Indonesia able to emerge the international market.

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