The Best Espresso Machine Rental for Your Own Coffee Shop in Indonesia

The Best Espresso Machine Rental for Your Own Coffee Shop in Indonesia

When you plan to build a business in the coffee shop, there are many things that you have to consider because coffee industry is not only about the coffee itself but also the coffee machines, the coffee brewing techniques, and the employer skills. For you who still don’t have a big investment budget, it is better for you to minimize the cost of production by not to buy the coffee machines but just rent the machines. If you look for the espresso machine rental in Indonesia, here are the best list for you.

Best Espresso Machine Rental for Your Own Coffee Shop in Indonesia


IndoSega is an espresso machine rental company which is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. IndoSega offers the most comprehensive coffee solution for you who excited with coffee business. Besides of coffee machine rental service, IndoSega also has many other products and services such as coffee beans, imported coffee powders, chocolates, coffee machines for selling, barista staff training program, technical services, and maintenance services.

This espresso machine rental company offers a profitable program for its client through Indo coffee solution program. Indo coffee solution program gives the client some options to operate IndoSega’s coffee machines. There are a rental program, leasing program, and purchase program. For the rental program, the client will have an appropriate set of coffee machines with an affordable rental fee. Not only that, IndoSega also gives periodic cleaning and maintenance services for no extra costs.

The rental program includes a La San Marco espresso machine and a coffee grinder professionally installed and set up, barista kit, merchandising material, permanent barista staff training, technical service, original spare parts supply, quality control, and Segafredo coffee supply. For more information, you can visit

Supra Djaya – Jura

Sukses Pratama Jaya (Supra Djaya) is a coffee machine distributor for one of the coffee maker brand, Jura. The company is established and headquartered in Jakarta since 2000. Supra Djaya is also an espresso machine rental for Jura’s espresso machines. Jura Impressa is a coffee maker brand from Swiss which has many coffee maker products, including espresso machine. Jura, founded in 1931, is a world leader in hi-tech fully automatic espresso machines for home and light commercial use.

Jura offers the most exciting option for fully automatic espresso coffee machines available in the market today. Some Jura’s products which have the best quality such as, Jura Giga 7 Professional, Jura Ena Micro 8 One Touch, and Jura Giga 5 The Epitome of Quality. Supra Jaya offers the espresso machine rental program with a competitive fee for commercial appliance and home appliance. If you want any other information you can contact to

Berkat Mas Jaya Abadi

Berkat Mas Coffee Solution Indonesia is another espresso machine rental which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are an authorized distributor and offer espresso machines from brand Presso and Sanremo. Besides espresso machine rental, they also offer coffee grinders, premium coffee blend, espresso machine cleaning powder, machine consultation, installation services, scheduled maintenance services, spare parts, and barista training. For more information, click

That’s all the information about the best espresso machine rental in Indonesia. Hopefully, it can help you finding the espresso machine for your own coffee shop.

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