What You Will Get When You Taste Sumatra Coffee Starbucks

What You Will Get When You Taste Sumatra Coffee Starbucks

Each of coffee lovers have their own style to enjoy the coffee, some make their own cup a coffee at home and the others are going to café, maybe Starbucks, to taste their favorite coffee. If you are the second type of those coffee lovers, you have to try one of their best-selling single origin coffee, Sumatra coffee Starbucks. Here are what you will get if you taste the perfect Sumatra coffee Starbucks.

The Taste of Sumatra Coffee Starbucks

The perfect coffee beans

The origin of Sumatra coffee Starbucks is the prosperous land which rich of left-over volcanic compounds from the eruption. This condition makes the land very fertile and great for coffee plantation. In addition, the suitable climate and the geographic area which is located at the highland with appropriate altitude for growing coffee are also contributing to the quality of Sumatra coffee. So, the fresh picked green coffee beans of Sumatra coffee Starbucks has the best quality.

These perfect coffee beans then will be processed with traditional method which is different from other popular methods used in worldwide coffee producing. It is the important part which makes the Sumatra coffee Starbucks has a special taste. When you grind the roasted Sumatra coffee beans, you will smell the wonderful slightly smoky sweet. The coffee beans are nice and oily. They have a nice little sheen but not excessively oily.

The signature flavor

The Sumatra coffee Starbucks is one of the most wanted coffee in all of Starbucks café over the world. Sumatra coffee Starbucks well-known as the coffee with special taste, full body, unique notes, and its signature flavor. The main factor that influences the taste of Sumatra coffee Starbucks is its traditional coffee-processing. The coffee beans in Sumatra are traditionally processed using a technique called “giling basah” which means wet-hulling.

The coffees processed with this traditional method are sold to the market with the 50% moisture content which is the highest moisture level compared with other coffee processing methods. The wet-hulling process can affect the flavor of the coffee. Sumatra coffee Starbucks has characteristics as smooth flavor coffee and less acidity with many special notes such as spicy, wild, earthy, herbaceous, floral, and funky. This coffee is roasted darker to enhance its herbal flavors and sweetness.

The special taste

When you brewed this coffee, whatever your favorite brewing style, the first taste of the blend you will get is very rich. It has a smooth flavor and very clean finish. This coffee is not very bitter even tough Starbucks itself categorize it as extra bold coffee. If you add some sugar or milk to the coffee, you will notice a distinct earthiness in your coffee and the flavor of this coffee will linger in the mouth longer. In the end of the taste, there is also a little bit chocolate flavor.

So, with all of the special taste, the signature flavor and the unique notes, you should consider Sumatra coffee Starbucks as your favorite coffee. For you who don’t try yet, go grab this coffee and taste it!

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