Coffee Grinder Guide Tips to Use Manual Grinder

Coffee Grinder Guide Tips to Use Manual Grinder

Manual grinder seems like simple thing to use, but coffee grinder guide is important to prepare your favorite coffee properly. Manual grinder allows you to adjust with each detailed aspect of coffee-making, but you must use it properly to make the right coffee powder result for your favorite coffee beverage. Here is coffee grinder guide to help you using manual grinder the right way.

Coffee Grinder Guide Tips

Understand Grind Level and Visual First

Different coffee beverages require different results of grinding. Depending on what kind of coffee beverage you want to make, you have to recognize different level of grinding results. Here is coffee grinder guide for the levels of grinding and how they look:

  • Coarse grind: has large granules (but not overly large chunks), and almost look like kosher salt.
  • Medium grind: still a little coarse but feels like sand.
  • Fine grind: feels smooth when rubbed on your fingers, almost like table salt or fine sugar.
  • Extra fine grind: even smoother than fine sugar, but it does not reach the “powder” look.
  • Turkish: the finest grind of all. The consistency is like flour (powdered).

After knowing the levels of grinding result and how they look, you can use this coffee grinder guide to make the right ground coffee size. Stick to these visual guides, and you can control how coarse or fine you want your ground coffee.

Match Grind Level with Your Beverage

Another important aspect in manual coffee grinder guide is knowledge about the right grind levels for certain coffee beverages. Depending on what your favorite coffee type is, you probably need to adjust and practice, until you manage to create the perfect grind size. Here are grind levels and the related coffee beverages:

  • Coarse grind: for coffee made with percolator, French press, and vacuum coffee pot.
  • Medium grind: for coffee made with drip coffee maker that has flat filter.
  • Fine grind: for coffee made with moka pot and drip coffee maker that has cone filter.
  • Extra fine: for coffee made with espresso machine.
  • Turkish: for coffee made with ibrik, or traditional coffee pot.

Once you understand this principle, the next in manual coffee grinder guide is making sure that it works properly.

Adjust the Manual Grinder Properly

When you buy a manual grinder, you must adjust it first so you can get consistent grind result. You need to break down the components first and adjust manually. Ideal coffee grinder guide usually asks you to remove the handle, top nut (if any), and locking ring. Simply hold the shaft and turn the adjustment ring to your liking. If you love coarse grind, turn it counter-clockwise. If you like finer grind, turn it clockwise. Reassemble the manual grinder and give it a try with some coffee beans.

Using manual coffee grinder is a way to get more control in coffee-making process, especially if you love certain grind level for your cup of Joe. Use this coffee grinder guide as a way to use manual grinder properly.

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