5 Espresso Machine Pods to Try in 2017

5 Espresso Machine Pods to Try in 2017

If you love clean, practical way to make coffee, espresso machine pods are great solutions. While they may not give more freedom, they are quick, convenient way to make your favorite coffee, and they also come in many variants. Here are top 5 espresso machine pods you should try in year 2017.

5 Espresso Machine Pods to Try

Nespresso Gourmet Capsules

If you have one of OriginalLine Nespresso coffee machines, Nespresso Gourmet Capsules are the best matches. These espresso machine pods offer premium coffee taste, made of high-quality coffee beans from sustainable small farms in Spain. The coffee come in light, medium and high intensity levels, and each of them offers great flavor and aroma. The plastic capsules are made of 100 percent recyclable, and the material will not alter the coffee flavor. The variants mean you can switch between different flavors every day, so you will not get bored.

Nespresso Variety Pack

Another ideal product for OriginalLine Nespresso coffee machine, Nespresso Variety Pack are 5-flavor espresso machine pods that offer varieties of flavor. You can enjoy a cup of dark roast Arpeggio with chocolate-y flavor, light roast Roma with wood note, intense Capriccio and Ristretto espresso, and Livanto Arabica espresso. This is perfect if you love switching between varieties of coffee every day, but still want to enjoy gourmet flavor that has not been diluted with other additional flavors.

Senseo Espresso Coffee Pods

Senseo is a great product that matches with almost any capsule coffee machines, except Keurig 2.0. Senso Espresso Machine Pods offer fresh and intense espresso flavor, made of freshly ground coffee beans. Senseo is famous for its full-bodied, intense espresso flavor with nice foaming action (crema) on top. These are great pods if you love waking up to great espresso every day, without having to get frustrated over inconsistent flavor and difficult packaging.

Lavazza Grand Crema Espresso Single Pods

Lavazza Espresso Machine Pods are favorite products among Italians, and now, you can taste Italy’s espresso with these practical pods. Each pod provides full-bodied, strong and intense espresso, with nice foaming action (crema). This product is perfect for those who want consistent, high quality espresso flavor every day without having to use complicated procedures. While these pods are definitely made for espresso, you can use them in other coffee machines that support pods/capsules. These pods are great for espresso lovers who prefer strong and intense flavor.

Illy Espresso ESE Pods

These espresso machine pods are unique, because they work only on coffee machines compatible with ESE (check your coffee machine type before buying any coffee pods with ESE written on the packaging). These pods are very practical; you only need about 30 seconds to enjoy a good cup of espresso. All the pods are made of Arabica coffee beans, and packed with CO2 in each cup to keep the ground coffee fresh.

Espresso machine pods are great for quick, practical coffee-making. These pods eliminate the need to grind, roast and long brew. With espresso machine pods, a cup of good espresso can be enjoyed in mere 30 seconds.

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