The Facts You Should Know about Toraja Coffee Price

The Facts You Should Know about Toraja Coffee Price

Toraja coffee, which is originated from Sulawesi, is popular in the world coffee market as one of the best single origin coffee from Indonesia. Nowadays, Toraja coffee has been exported to some countries around the world like USA, Germany, Italia, Japan, and Malaysia. The Toraja coffee price, which is affordable for any coffee lovers, is one of the main factors that makes Toraja coffee always be in demand. Here are some facts you should know about Toraja coffee price.

Things You Need to Know About Toraja Coffee Price

The market price of Toraja coffee

Toraja coffee sold on the market today available in two varieties, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica Toraja coffee is more popular than Robusta Toraja coffee because the first coffee beans planted in Tana Toraja and other Sulawesi regions is Arabica type. So, Toraja coffee or generally Sulawesi coffee is identically Arabica coffee.

But over time, the Robusta Toraja coffee began to be cultivated by the coffee farmers in Toraja and its surrounding areas then become the new coffee product which is also favored in the coffee market. The A-grade roasted Arabica Toraja coffee price is about Rp 160.000 per kg while for Robusta Toraja coffee price is Rp 100.000 per kg. For the unroasted coffee beans, Toraja coffee price is only Rp 75.000-85.000 per kg.

Once was the most expensive coffee

Although the Toraja coffee price is not quite expensive in the coffee market, but actually Toraja coffee was once the most expensive auction in 2012. The Sapan Toraja coffee, one of the best sub-variety of Toraja coffee, breaks the most expensive coffee price for specialty coffee in an auction event. The Sapan Toraja coffee is sold for US$ 45 per kg while the average Toraja coffee price at that time is only about US$ 6-8 per kg. This coffee is bought by the coffee lovers from Japan, China Taipei, and South Korea.

The grade quality of Toraja coffee

Toraja coffee available in some quality grades. Of course, the better quality, the more expensive the Toraja coffee price. For example, A-grade Toraja coffee or specialty grade coffee has some specifications such as free from insects, the coffee beans do not stink, the percent of water content max 12-14 mass fraction, and the percent of impurity max 10-12 mass fraction, has the most expensive price which is about Rp 160.000 – 200.000 per kg.

The specialty grade Toraja coffee has medium acidity with full-bodied. The roasting level is medium to dark. The special aroma of Toraja coffee are caramel-like, chocolate, and fruity. It also has unique flavors such as sweet chocolate, delicate, and lychee-like. The specialty grade Toraja coffee available in several packaging sizes from 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kilogram.

The Toraja coffee price is quite affordable so that’s why the Toraja coffee is favored by many coffee lovers besides of its unique taste which is also classified as the best coffee taste.

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