The Tips & Tricks from Espresso Machine Experts You Should Follow

The Tips & Tricks from Espresso Machine Experts You Should Follow

When talking about espresso machine or other coffee makers, the skills and the knowledge of the users about their coffee machines become something important. To make a good coffee and keep the best performance of the espresso machine, as a barista or user you have to know well how to operate, how to clean, and how to maintain the machine. Here are some tips and tricks from espresso machine experts which you can use as references.

Tips for Using Espresso Machine Experts You Should Follow

Cleaning Tips: Descaling vs. Backflushing

Keeping your espresso machine clean both inside and outside is the key to serving the good coffee taste. According to the espresso machine experts, two of the most important parts of the espresso machine which is needed to be kept clean are the boiler with its attached-pipe and the brew head. There are two ways to clean those areas, descaling and backflushing. Descaling is the process of removing mineral build-up in the boilers and water pipes while backflushing is the process of removing the built up oil and sediment of the coffee grinds in the base of the head.

If you want to remove the mineral deposits in the boiler surface areas, you should use descaling technique with adding of chemical compound or detergent for espresso machine cleaner. You should not do this frequently because it can damage your machine parts. The espresso machine experts recommend to descale the espresso machine once every 6 months or depends on how often you use your machine.

If you want to clean the brew head of the espresso machine, you should do backflushing. Basically, backflushing is a process to rinse the coffee residue and any grinds left which precipitate in the base of the head with flushing water back into the espresso machine from the brew head. The espresso machine experts recommend to do it regularly both for commercial use or home usage to keep the brew head clean. If not, the coffee residue will start to go rancid and make your coffee taste go bad.

Coffee Tricks: How to make a good espresso

The espresso machine experts have useful tricks to make a good espresso. First, make sure the espresso machine is clean, particularly the brew head and the filter basket. Then, begin with heating the espresso machine to increase pressure and prime the machine by flowing some water through the brew head.

Put one dose 7 grams of coffee into the filter basket and applying firm even pressure on the coffee with the tamper to ensure the water flows through the coffee evenly. Start extracting the coffee. If you are extracting manually, the espresso machine experts recommend stopping the process just as the coffee starts to lose its oil consistency. Over-extracting will cause bitterness.

For a strong coffee, the espresso machine experts recommend to stop the extraction early to get a smoother taste and enhance the sweetness. For a weak coffee, the trick from espresso machine experts is adding hot water. The perfect formula recommended by espresso machine experts is 7 grams of coffee and 30 ml of water extracted for 30 seconds.

That’s all the tips and tricks about espresso machine and the making of good espresso. You can try it by yourself.

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