The Interesting Facts and the Recommended Coffee Brewing for Sulawesi Coffee Starbucks

The Interesting Facts and the Recommended Coffee Brewing for Sulawesi Coffee Starbucks

Sulawesi coffee Starbucks is one of the most favorite single origin coffee from Indonesia. This type of coffee has been available in all of Starbucks store around the world since March 2016. If you still uncertain to try this new favorite coffee of the whole bean line up at Starbucks, here are some interesting facts about Sulawesi coffee Starbucks and the recommended brewing method for it.

Recommended Coffee Brewing for Sulawesi Coffee Starbucks

The origin of Sulawesi coffee Starbucks

Sulawesi coffee Starbucks is a single origin coffee which is grown and produced in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.There are many areas in Sulawesi which produce this coffee such as Tana Toraja, Latimojong, Enrekang, Kalosi, and Bone-Bone. But mostly, the coffee beans in Sulawesi are planted in the small backyards which are owned by the coffee farmers, not in a large coffee plantation. They use traditional coffee processing method which is called wet-hulled that allegedly can create the special and unique taste of this coffee.

The history of Sulawesi coffee Starbucks

The history of Sulawesi coffee Starbucks begins when Dutch colonial government brought Arabica coffee beans to Sulawesi and order the farmer to plant the coffee in their land. Before the Arabica coffee land in Sulawesi, in 1690, the Dutch traders smuggled coffee plants out the Mocha harbor in order to break the Arabian monopoly in coffee production.

They sailed over the sea and carried the seedlings over thousand miles to one of their colony, Indonesia. Then, they spread out the coffee beans to some areas in Indonesia which rich volcanic soil and has the warm tropical climate like Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi. In Sulawesi regions, the coffee beans growing thrive in the highland and have the unique taste based on their origin plantation.

Starbucks has a long history of working with Sulawesi coffee farmers. The business relationship begins since 1996. In 2016, 20 years after the first Sulawesi coffee is established in Starbucks original menu, the Sulawesi coffee Starbucks are reintroduced as the new high-quality single-origin coffee.

The taste of Sulawesi coffee Starbucks

The Sulawesi coffee Starbucks generally has a full body, syrupy, earthy notes, herbal and floral characteristics, distinctively smooth, and buttery mouth feel. Sulawesi coffee is well known as the coffee with a strong taste and high level of acidity. Although the coffee tasters sometimes said Sulawesi coffee has similar taste with Sumatra coffee, there is different in spicy flavors which only found in Sulawesi coffee taste. Sulawesi coffee beans have a smaller shape than other Indonesia coffees and more shiny on the skin of the seeds. The Sulawesi coffee Starbucks beans are full city roasted, super dark, and supremely oily.

The recommended brewing for Sulawesi coffee Starbucks

Because of its heavy body, creamy texture and herbal flavor, this coffee is great for French press. This brewing method can maximize the strong taste of Sulawesi coffee and enhance the sweetness mouth feel.

Whatever your favorite coffee, you have to try Sulawesi coffee Starbucks and blend it in your home. After you taste it, you should rethink whether you change your favorite coffee or not.

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