The Tasteful Sumatra Coffee Keurig and Where to Find Them

The Tasteful Sumatra Coffee Keurig and Where to Find Them

The perfect taste of Sumatra coffee has been recognized by most of the coffee lovers around the world. Not only available in a package of roasted coffee beans or ground coffee, now it is also available in the form of keurig. Are you curious about Sumatra coffee keurig? Let’s check the article below.

Things You Need to Know About Sumatra Coffee Keurig

What is keurig means?

Keurig is a kind of beverage brewing systems which is manufactured by the American company Keurig Green Mountain. The main Keurig product is K-cup which is a single-serve coffee container. The K-cup is an innovative packaging style in the world of coffee product. After first launched in 1998, the single-serve cup brewing system gained the popularity for home usage in 2004.

Since then, the keurig brewed single-origin coffee or specialty coffee began to be favored by the coffee lovers. This also happens for Sumatra coffee. Sumatra coffee keurig K-cup is an economic brewing package of Sumatra coffee, which available in several coffee shops. The most popular Sumatra coffee keurig product is Starbucks Sumatra dark roast coffee keurig K-cups.

The K-cups Sumatra coffee keurig

There are several coffee roasters which produce Sumatra coffee for keurig brewing and packed in K-cups.

1. Starbucks

The Starbucks Sumatra coffee keurig is dark roasted and caffeinated. This coffee has a distinctive earthy aroma and lingering low notes. The full-bodied and strong taste of Sumatra coffee is still the most noticed characteristic of this coffee. Starbucks Sumatra coffee keurig available in 16-count, 32-count, and 48-count per small box.

There are also available in the big box which contains 96-count until 192-count packs. Starbucks Sumatra coffee keurig has a full and buttery body with virtually no acidity. It’s got a nutty smooth taste and low acid. It makes the coffee’s intensity and flavors simply linger on the tongue. The unique characteristic of this coffee makes most of the coffee lovers can’t refuse to taste it.

2. Van Houtte

Besides produced by Starbucks, Sumatra coffee keurig also produced by Van Houtte. Van Houtte Dark Roast Sumatra coffee keurig has intense and distinctive flavors. It is available in K-cup which each cup contains 12 grams of dark roasted ground coffee. This intensely dark roasted coffee has virtually no acidity so it can be enjoyed by all types of coffee lovers. This Sumatra coffee only produced from the highest quality Arabica coffee beans to create the signature coffee. For those whose taste runs to a darker and richer blend, Sumatra coffee is an excellent option.

3. Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee offers an extra bold K-cup keurig coffee, which packs into the capsule and produces a more intense flavor profile than regular K-cups. Green Mountain’s Sumatra coffee keurig pioneered single-serve capsule brewing coffee with it keurig brewing system and remains one of the leading specialty roasters. The characteristics of this coffee are low acid, deep, syrupy mouth feel, richly earthy and dark chocolate.

This kind of coffee will give the coffee lovers a different coffee blend taste which enhances the strong flavors of Sumatra coffee. Enjoy your coffee!

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