Whole vs Ground Coffee Beans: Best Choice Depends on You

Whole vs Ground Coffee Beans: Best Choice Depends on You

Ground coffee beans tend to be the latter option in coffee selection as they tend to lose aromas and taste quicker than whole beans. Let’s try to compare these two choices by pointing out their pros and cons, and try to conclude which is the best option for you.

Whole vs Ground Coffee Beans

Pros and Cons Found in Ground Coffee Beans

Being convenient is the most obvious pro to ground coffee beans. Do you like having a cup or two right after you wake up? Simple, just go grab your can, bag, container, or whatever you store your ground coffee beans in, and simply make it, without having to grind it or having more prep time. Then again, is having less prep time really worth having your coffee a bit tasteless and scentless?

Yes when you first open your bag of ground coffee beans, they will be heavenly scented. But as you go day by day, the aroma is sure to weaken out. As your ground coffee beans expose daily to air, they dry out very quickly, resulting to lose its freshness and its aroma quicker.  If you consider yourself a sleepyhead, or you don’t mind having convenience over taste, then ground coffee beans are the best option for you as your last cup will be as simple and quick as your first.

Pros and Cons Found in Whole Coffee Beans

Having being able to keep both the aroma and taste, whole beans are often chosen to be the first out of the two options. Unlike ground coffee beans, whole beans can maintain its optimal freshness by grinding it every few days. Yet it all depends on how you grind it. Poor quality grinders can result in not extracting adequate flavor out of the beans or having it grinded unevenly for the hot water in the brewing process passing over uneven surface of the beans.

One of the cons to whole beans is having to own a good grinder for it. Which means more prep time, and you also have to take care of your grinder by cleaning it after using it, preventing coffee grounds from getting into the pot. Whole beans are the best choice you’ll ever get if you want to experience the heavenly taste your coffee can deliver. Yes it will need extra work, like taking care of your grinder, but it will definitely make it up to you as these beans will give you more flavor and more aroma than the ground coffee beans will ever give you.

According to the pro s and cons about whole and ground coffee beans, now you get more knowledge about who to choose the type coffee you like because in the end, choosing between ground coffee beans and whole beans depends on what type of person you are. Having convenience over aroma and taste, or the other way around is all for you to decide. Just remember, the quality of the beans play a very big role in giving you the best cup of coffee!

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