Best Office Coffee Machines for Single Serving

Best Office Coffee Machines for Single Serving

Not everyone who works at office wants to buy large-capacity coffee machine. There are products such as office coffee machines designed specifically to serve single serving cups, reducing the needs to make individual cups manually. Single serving machine is also able to replicate the employees’ favorite coffee flavors, especially if they chose certain brands. Here are the best lists of office coffee machines that serve single cups and reduce coffee-making time significantly.

Office Coffee Machines

Mars Flavia Barista Brewer

This single serving coffee machine serves only Americano and espresso, with only between 30 to 40 seconds until you are able to enjoy the coffee. This office coffee machine has sensor to tell you when the coffee is finished brewing, reducing the risk of accident. Mars Flavia is an ideal machine to be put in an open office, because it can be accessed from 360 degree of directions. The coffee result is from high quality, just like café brew.

Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer

Forget going to Starbucks every now and then to get caffeine fix; this office coffee machine by Starbucks help you getting authentic flavor at office without leaving. Although this is a single serving machine, you can also make coffee using carafe if you want. This machine offers continuous service style, reducing the risk of wasting ingredients. The machine also has containers with displays for condiments on top, giving free access.

OC System Single Cup Brewer

OC System offers premium coffee flavor even though this is a capsule machine (capsule is usually not associated with premium coffee). This office coffee machine has a technology called pre-infusion, which steep the coffee in advance and bring you the best coffee flavor after short brewing. This coffee machine also comes with special brewing recipes for several different cup sizes, giving the right caffeine fixes to each individual with different preferred coffee volume.

Keurig B200

Keurig B200 is a great option for medium-sized office with 20 to 30 employees. This office coffee machine has options for regular and strong brew, using the 8-ounce and 6-ounce capacity options. You can set the machine using back-to-back brew option, which will automatically brew coffee without repeated reheating process. The continuous brewing will keep happening until the water tank of the machine is empty (it has 64-ounce capacity). This machine is also able to store maintenance information such as coffee vending options, numbers of nearest repair service, and such.

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse C60

This is an ideal single-serving office coffee machine for a small office. The Cafitesse C60 provides both coffee and steamed milk to make cappuccino, latte, or black coffee. This is a great coffee machine to be put in waiting room or any room when customers/visitors wait, because it is fast and has user-friendly feature. The design is also convenient, because it makes you able to put this coffee machine in almost any available space, especially if your office is cramped.

Making coffee at office no longer takes too long, and you can say goodbye to wasted ingredients or plain-flavored office coffee. Single-serving office coffee machines are the products you need to make coffee with less hassle and more efficiency.

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