Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee Beans: Which Contain More Caffeine?

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee Beans: Which Contain More Caffeine?

We all know the consequences caffeine can hand us are quite personal. Jitters, restlessness, anxiety, increased alertness, stomachaches and others if we don’t tolerate ourselves from it. So which can we actually have between light roast and dark roast coffee beans to lessen the chance of us getting these effects? Misconceptions of light roast coffee beans having more caffeine content than dark roast coffee beans is nothing out of the unusual. But are they really just misconceptions?

Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Light Roast or Dark Roast?

Many people believe having a light roast coffee is safer than having a dark roast because of the caffeine content. The common misconception is that dark roast coffee beans contain a lot more caffeine than light roast beans. These people believe that the longer and darker you roast your beans, the more caffeine your beans will get.

Yet some believe the opposite; caffeine is burnt off during the roasting process. So when you hear one group of people saying that they only drink dark roast to keep them awake because of the punch the high caffeine content gives, and another group of people really trying to convince you the opposite, I guarantee you would be confused on which group to believe.

Luckily for you, the roasting of the coffee doesn’t matter much to the caffeine content, which means dark roast coffee beans don’t contain a higher amount of caffeine than light roast beans, but this doesn’t mean that it’s true that light roast beans are the superior one in caffeine count. So?

The Truth about the Dark Roast Coffee Beans

The caffeine quantity in the beans are actually very stable during the roasting process. So it doesn’t matter whether you have your coffee from the dark roast coffee beans or the light roast coffee beans. Meaning, if you compare these two bean to bean, each would pretty much contain the same quantity of caffeine.

Yet, when you get a scoop of dark roast coffee beans and compare it to a scoop of light roast coffee beans, it will have more beans and caffeine content than the light roast, how so? You see, light roast coffee beans are SMALLER than dark roast coffee beans, but also have more mass. Now how can something smaller has more mass? Here’s the answer. The longer you roast your beans, the less dense they get, resulting less mass.

Dark roast coffee beans get more time in the roasting process, drying out all the water content, yet expanding the fibers to grow in size. So the beans get bigger, yet have less mass because they are less dense, making the quantity of the beans superior in a scoop compared to light roast beans. However, if you measure the caffeine content by the volume of the beans, then dark roast coffee beans are nothing compared to light roast ones, because they are less dense than the light roast ones.

Anyhow, we might not even notice the difference of the caffeine content in our cup of coffee. Whether we’re having it dark roasted or light roasted, it is so hard to distinguish them, we might as well just enjoy our coffee.

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