How Gayo Mountain Coffee Became Famous

How Gayo Mountain Coffee Became Famous

Sumatra is considered to be one of the most preferred places when it comes to the coffee world. It is not just an Indonesian island, it is where coffee share its romance with the world. Lintong coffee and Mandheling coffee are both well-known to be one of the tastiest coffee Sumatra has to offer, but let’s not forget the Gayo Mountain coffee. Also considered to be one of the best Sumatran coffee, Gayo Mountain coffee has quite the history.

Gayo Mountain Coffee

Coffee Background

Gayo mountain coffee comes from the Gayo highlands of central Aceh, the province at the northernmost tip of Sumatra. The Gayo highlands is a scenic, mountainous region that is only accessible by road, making it a fairly remote place. The Gayo Mountain coffee are Arabica beans which are grown in the mountain basin that surrounds the DanauTawar (Lake Tawar) and the lovely town of Takengon, the home of the Gayo people.

The Gayo Mountain coffee are grown in shades, and almost all without chemicals. Ever since the arrival of the Dutch colonies in early 1900s, the people of Central Aceh developed their skills in coffee planting, as the entry of the Dutch was inseparable to that region’s potential for growing coffee. The region is also a very good source of resin as the place was pine studded.

A Brief History of the Gayo Mountain Coffee

When it comes to history lessons, the Gayo Mountain coffee has quite a story to offer. Including how the Dutch came to the region, and how it became as well-known as today.Introducing and professionally managing coffee estates in the region, they also made sure that they made the commodity as one of the “products of the future”, following the high demand of coffee in the world market. Then, in 1924, the Dutch and European investors started to dominate central Aceh with coffee, tea, pine, and vegetables assets.

In order to boost the production of coffee, tea, and pine, the Dutch cooperated with workers from Java. This also made central Aceh a multi-ethnic region, consisting of Gayo, Javanese, Batak, Karo, and Aceh people. Gayo Mountain coffee became as well-known as it is today for its highly valued, distinct taste. Its heavenly aroma and sweet taste are the characteristics you can find of the Arabica product, some may say it superior to the taste of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Processing Methods

Aceh coffee’s processing methods vary widely, so do the flavor profiles. Using the traditional Sumatran backyard washed method, some farmers process the coffee to resemble both Lintong and Mandheling coffee, but the Gayo Mountain coffee uses a process of a precise wet method following the international standard. The Gayo Mountain coffee is enriched with rather a grassy to sweet and slightly rounded, a higher-toned and lighter-bodied if compared to the Lintong and Mandheling coffee.

Although not as famous as the Lintong or the Mandheling coffee, the Gayo Mountain coffee can also be considered as one of the tastiest coffee Sumatra island can ever give. It’s pretty promising to even be more prevalent than its Sumatran coffee brothers.

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