5 Great Gourmet Flavored Coffee for Holiday Beverages

5 Great Gourmet Flavored Coffee for Holiday Beverages

Flavored coffee used to be viewed as fun, cheap alternative of “real” coffee. However, gourmet flavored coffee has taken the market by storm, combining diverse flavors with high quality coffee, and these products are especially favorite during holiday or certain seasons. Here are several great options of gourmet flavored coffee for holiday or special seasons.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin spice is a staple flavor at various coffee houses in North America, and pumpkin spice flavored-coffee is a hot time during autumn and near winter. It is also often associated with weeks before Christmas. People used to mix coffee with separate pumpkin spice if they wanted to enjoy this beverage at home. Now, you can make your own pumpkin spice coffee at home with gourmet flavored coffee that has this flavor.

Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon is not an uncommon condiment to be added into coffee, but what if you can enjoy actual cinnamon gourmet coffee? There are now many products of gourmet flavored coffee that have cinnamon flavors, either regular cinnamon or with added related flavors such as sweet potato and autumn spices. This flavor is usually related to Thanksgiving and other autumnal holiday celebrations.

Peppermint Coffee

Peppermint is another unique flavor that goes surprisingly great with coffee, and you can now find gourmet flavored coffee with peppermint inside. This flavor is usually associated with Christmas, but the combination between high quality coffee and refreshing peppermint is great to invigorate senses and accompany working or reading.

Pecan Coffee

Pecan coffee is not uncommon flavor for coffee, but this flavor is greatly associated with autumnal holidays. There are also coffee flavors more appropriate for the holidays, such as pecan pie flavor that is a combination between pecans, spices, brown butter, and cinnamon. Combined with high quality coffee, this is definitely a treat during breezy season.

Nutmeg Coffee

Nutmeg is a popular spice to be put inside various holiday dishes, from pumpkin pie to sweet potato cake and even eggnog. A combination between nutmeg and cinnamon is popular inside gourmet flavored coffee, and you can immediately taste the holiday inside each sip. Even when you are not celebrating certain holiday, this spicy flavor in high quality coffee is still great treat for cold seasons.

Chestnut Coffee

Chestnut is a popular flavor for pie and cake during seasonal holidays, especially during winter and near the New Year. Roasted chestnuts are especially associated with street vendors in New York, a city famous for its Christmas and New Year sceneries in the US. Gourmet flavored coffee with chestnut has become very popular for colder seasons, although this is a great beverage to be enjoyed anytime you wish.

Rum Coffee

Rum is another popular flavor for coffee; so popular that there are popular beverage recipes that actually mix rum with coffee. Rum is also closely associated with Caribbean and European holidays, and it has strong association with Christmas or New Year. Rum-flavored coffee is a great combination between fragrant flavor and high quality coffee, and it is a great beverage to be enjoyed during colder seasons.

Drinking flavored coffee can be a great way to celebrate special holiday. Order gourmet flavored coffee with associated holiday flavors and make your days brighter.

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