Simple Recipe for Making Your Own Hazelnut Coffee

Simple Recipe for Making Your Own Hazelnut Coffee

The barista at your local café adds hazelnut-flavored syrup to your cup of coffee. Is that really the only way of getting your sweet, nutty hazelnut coffee? Absolutely not! Look at it this way, chocolate syrup is mouth-watering, but it will never be like the real thing. Also goes for caramel or strawberry syrup, they will never be tastier than the real thing. So why keep buying your hazelnut coffee pumped with a syrup when you can make one with the real thing?

Simple Recipe for Hazelnut Coffee

A Little History Lesson

Corylusavellana. Originated from Europe and western Asia, you should thank God He created this tree, because this is where the good stuffs in your hazelnut coffee come from. It all started when it became a part of an organized agriculture (which is now known as Scotland) a long, long time ago, maybe nine millennia ago.

Because they didn’t have much of any kind of meat back then, they, the ancient people, only relied on nut’s fatty and nutritious composition to keep them full, solid and well-functioned. A good thought when you’re having your cup of hazelnut coffee. Nowadays, you can find hazelnut in just about anywhere in the globe. These days, they’re all grown in Turkey, Poland, the United States, and China.

Easy to find them, and the public demand for that distinct flavor just keeps on going. Being so easy to find, this makes just about any of your local café a cup of hazelnut coffee for you, yet this will not trouble you if you want to make that cup of hazelnut-flavored coffee of you own, and local cafés being known to use flavored, sugary syrups for your coffee, homemade natural hazelnut coffee will taste much, much better.

How to Make Your Own

Now you know best not to choose your cup of hazelnut coffee with sugary syrup, here are a few steps to follow for making your own hazelnut brew:

  1. Choose a roast profile. The light roast profile is familiar towards hazelnut coffee. But since you’re the one brewing it, you get to choose which roast profile do you prefer for your hazelnut brew.
  2. Pick a bag of shelled, unsalted hazelnuts. Being said to be grown in just about anywhere in the globe these days, you can find these in any of your local grocery store, or you can always look for one on the internet and order them.
  3. Beans and nuts in the grinder. Make sure to measure them out to a ratio of your preference, say, two parts beans to one part nuts, and make sure that you put on a very coarse setting on the grinder.
  4. Brew in a French press. The French press will assure you will get the best out of the flavor.
  5. Voila! Although it might take you a little bit more effort, trust me, it’s going to be worth it.

Although hazelnuts originated from Europe and western Asia, you can find them in almost anywhere these days. This makes getting a cup of hazelnut coffee way easier than before, you can even start making your own hazelnut brew for the better taste.

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