Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee: Best of What Sumatra Can Offer

Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee: Best of What Sumatra Can Offer

North central region of the Sumatra Island, precisely in the Lintong region near Lake Toba (Danau Toba) is where the notable, sweet and fruity Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee is grown. Known as the Lintong coffee, this coffee is well-known as one of the tastiest and finest Arabica beans, but these are just basic common facts about this coffee. We all know it came from the island of Sumatra, we all know the species of the coffee is Arabica, so what else don’t we know of this very well sought-after coffee, the Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee, the best of what Sumatra can offer?

Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee You Need to Know

Genuine Origin

The name Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee comes from where the coffee is grown, the island of Sumatra. To be more precise, it is grown in a region called Lintong. But what does it have to do with the color blue? Some of you might not know this, but the color in the name refers to the blue tint on the original green unroasted beans of the coffee. This bluish color is due to the low levels of iron in the soil. Now that we know the coffee’s name origin, let’s talk more about the Lintong region, where the Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee is grown.

Lintong is located in the southwest of Lake Toba, right between the Indian Ocean and the Malacca strait, high on a tableland that is known of its multifariousness of tree ferns. Aside of it being known for the Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee, this region is also well-known for fertile soils, countless micro-climates in the small valleys, and of course, volcanoes.

Lake Toba was created by an eruption of a super volcano, it is also the biggest lake in the caldera of a volcano. Known to be larger than Singapore, Lake Toba is 62 miles (~99 kilometers) long, 19 miles (~30 kilometers) wide, and 1700 feet (~518 meters) deep. One more thing, the island in the middle of Lake Toba is the biggest island on an island. Very fascinating!

Every Process It Has Gone Through is Handmade

The Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee is truly an artisanal coffee due to everything from farming it, to drying it is done by hand. The coffee pulpers used is the manual ones, and only ripe cherries are selected by the farmers, meaning only the red ones. They then store the wet parchment in bags for an overnight to ferment, then they spread the parchment out on patios to dry them. A deep blue-greenish color will appear, this shows the farmers that the parchment is dry enough for hulling. The Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee is grown without shade, yet without chemicals of any sort.

The Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee, one of the finest traditional Arabica kind, is one of the most sought-after coffee the world will ever have. We coffee drinkers really should be in love with Sumatra, not only for what a fascinating island Sumatra is, but also the coffee Sumatra has for us is absolutely exceptional.

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