Top 2 Bunn Coffee Maker You Won’t Regret Buying

Top 2 Bunn Coffee Maker You Won’t Regret Buying

It’s been over 50 years since the first Bunn coffee Maker has been invented. Being one of the oldest coffee maker companies in the USA, Bunn has gained the trust of thousands, more likely millions of customers worldwide. Its products has been offering flawless qualities, and brewing our coffees just right. The next time you go to your local café or local restaurant to order yourself a cup of coffee, try having a glance of where the coffee is coming from. There’s a good chance that the coffee maker they use is a Bunn coffee maker.

Bunn Coffee Maker

Now there are heaps of Bunn coffee maker products, the question is, which ones are worth the price? Here are two of the best coffee makers from Bunn you would like to consider.

1. The Bunn MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer

This coffee brewer has been around for a quite long time. This Bunn coffee maker is in fact one of the bestselling single serve brewers even until today. Here’s what it has to offer for all of us coffee drinkers.


  • Coffee pods, K-cups and ground coffee are compatible with this machine. It even dispenses hot water.
  • Very convenient with its one-touch operation technology.
  • In a hurry? No worries. This coffee brewer brews super-fast, you can get 14 oz. of coffee in less than a minute. Cup size options range from 4-14 oz.
  • The ‘Pulse’ option lets you brew the strong cup of coffee you need.
  • This Bunn coffee makerwill likely to brew consistently for years.


  • Unfortunately it comes with only an inherent water reservoir, and you need to refill it every time you brew.

Brewing Operation

Letting you to brew from forms of coffee mentioned above, this Bunn coffee maker gives you four separate drawers. One for the coffee pods, one for the K-cups, one for the ground coffee, and one for dispensing hot water. Each of the separate drawers can be attached to the machine with ease.

2. Bunn Velocity Brewers

This comes with two Bunn models: Bunn BXB and the Bunn BT. These two Bunn brewers are perfect for heavy coffee drinkers, or those with a large family, because these two can brew in larger amounts quickly. Both have the same operation, yet there is a key difference to help you decide which is best for your use.


  • The Velocity brewers come with quick brewing technology. They both allow you to brew up to 10 cups (approx. 50 oz.) in just about 3 minutes. Got a family of coffee drinkers coming over? Have them sit down and tell them to wait for less than 5 minutes and you’ll be serving the best home-brewed coffee in no time.
  • Both come with three years of limited warranty. Pretty ideal don’t you think?
  • Also very convenient with the one-touch operation technology.
  • The internal water basin can heat up to 200 degrees. Very ideal to brew ground coffee.
  • As mentioned before, the Velocity brewers can brew in larger amounts quickly. You can brew ranging from 20 oz. to 50 oz.


  • Big brewers require big energy, hence, not the most energy efficient brewers.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance needed to be mentioned?

Brewing Operation

These two sets of Bunn coffee maker both come with two tanks. Adding the water from the top, it will straightly go to the next tank, the internal tank, to be heated up. The internal tank can also work like a thermos. This Bunn brewer ‘stores’ hot water for your next brew.

Key Difference: Bunn BXB vs. Bunn BT

The Bunn BT comes with a thermal carafe, allowing you to keep the brewed coffee warm for about 2 hours. Very recommended for small trips. The Bunn BXB also comes with a carafe, but a glass one. But you will also have an insulated heating element of sort on the coffee brewer that will keep the coffee inside the carafe warm. This one is for home use.

The Bunn MCU will give you flexibility to use K-cups, coffee pods and also ground coffee. The only thing this Bunn coffee maker can’t brew is espresso, yet you can get espresso blends in K-cups. However, if you have a family of coffee drinkers, or you’re a heavy coffee drinker, then the Velocity brewers will be the right type for you. Again, depends on which suits you the best. Oh and don’t worry, these they’re all worth the price.

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