Gourmet Coffee: The Best You Can Get Out of Your Coffee

Gourmet Coffee: The Best You Can Get Out of Your Coffee

Not so little amount of coffee companies like to brag and sometimes even claim that their products as being gourmet coffee. But what actually is gourmet coffee? Why do coffee companies like to tout their stuff as gourmet coffee? The answer is very simple, gourmet coffee rules. But why?

Gourmet Coffee You Need to Know

Which Beans?

How do we “grade” a coffee as a gourmet one? Any organization exists to grade and decide whether the coffee is gourmet or not? No, there isn’t. So how do we know it’s a gourmet coffee? Simple, we decide them. Yes, us coffee drinkers. As we all know there are two species of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, and because Arabica beans are more harder to grow, plus they don’t grow as much as Robusta beans (Robusta grows in so many regions).

Therefore, they, Arabica beans, are more favored for their rarity, but not only that, they also taste way better than Robusta beans.Can you guess which species of beans are used for gourmet coffee? If you’re thinking it’s Arabica, then you’re correct! Caffeaarabicais. Arabica coffee beans, marked as the quality coffee of the world. It’s no wonder why it is qualified as gourmet coffee beans. You can drink any kind of Arabica coffee without being blended with other beans or being added with flavored syrup of any sort, and you can still enjoy it.

Arabica beans really tend to give you the maximum taste you can obtain. Arabica beans started off growing only in northeastern part of Africa, but of course due to high demand, Arabica now is grown throughout the world. It accounts as about 70% of coffee production in the world. It is the most expensive variety and considered as the tastiest coffee in the world.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Now we’ve made sure that Arabica coffee beans are the ones used for gourmet coffee, what exactly distinguishes it from other coffees? Aside from it being made from Arabica and not cheap beans a.k.a Robusta beans, there is more to distinguish than meets the eye. High-quality coffee that is expertly roasted for the best taste is called gourmet coffee, but everyone knows that. What does “high-quality coffee” imply exactly?

The cherries selected by the farmers must only be the red ones, as red means the peak of the ripeness, and the beans selected are the little to no defected ones, as poor quality beans will ruin the flavor when roasted. Plus it needs extra handling and expertise in inspecting. The green beans will usually be in small batches, and served usually within 7-10 days of roasting to stay fresh. Roast profiles for gourmet coffee are usually lighter roasts, darker roasts tend to conceal the flavor origin due to the duration of the roasting process, the darker the roast, the more flavor will be hidden.

You don’t actually need to be a coffee connoisseur to taste the quality difference in coffees. If you’re a huge coffee drinker, you’ll be able to notice the high quality of gourmet coffee.

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