Top 4 Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets You Won’t Regret Buying

Top 4 Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets You Won’t Regret Buying

Picking the perfect basket from all available, mouth-watering gourmet coffee gift baskets is easier said than done. With so many great coffee to be picked from, you’ll start to want to buy them all! Now when choosing your perfect coffee basket (assuming that you’re buying for a coffee drinker), you would have to know a little bit of information of who you’re buying it for. Or maybe just what they prefer. And here’s something to think about, normally gourmet coffee gift baskets will cost you about $50 (~Rp.600.000) tops, but if they exceed that, you might want to check what they have inside the baskets. Here are 4 gourmet coffee gift baskets that came top of our list.

Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

1. Coffee Lovers Care Package

This basket will cost you just below most gourmet coffee gift baskets, about $40 (~Rp.500.000). Best thing about this basket is that any coffee lovers will hate to miss out on the Coffee Lovers Care Package. Asides from the extra coffee cup, the basket is filled with premium coffees and some small goodies that would absolutely go well with your coffee. Buyers and receivers have also had their say about this basket, they said that the coffees and the extras that they found in the basket are marvelous, and they loved the coffee cup.

2. San Francisco Bay Coffee Gourmet Gift Basket

This one basket is for those who are really strict with their choice of their coffee, and those who don’t prefer small munchies to go with their coffee. You’ll get a mug, and five different flavors of coffee. French roast, Fog Chaser, Breakfast Blend, Columbian, and French Vanilla. With the price below most gourmet coffee gift baskets, precisely same like the Coffee Lovers Care Package, this basket comes with 100% Arabica coffee. Pretty neat huh?

3. Warm Thanks

This basket, like its name, is more of a thank you gift. The basket will be a bit costly, a bit more than most gourmet coffee baskets, just about $60-$65 (~Rp.820.000), because you would give something special if it’s a thank you gift, wouldn’t you? This basket includes a variety of flavored coffees and cookies, it even comes with a coffee mug and a thank you balloon. No thank you gifts could be warmer than this.

4. California Delicious Five Pound Gift Basket

Planning to buy something for the office? Something neat, maybe something a bit fancy to not disappoint? The California Delicious will give you what you need. Starbucks as the main theme of this basket, this one comes with an assortment of flavored coffee; House, Breakfast Blend, and French Roast.

You’ll also find several packets of salted caramel hot cocoa, a box of caramel VIA instant coffee, also four pieces of spiced chocolate biscotti, an organic chocolate bar from TCHO, and you’ll also get a pair of Starbucks mugs. Due to the size and so many sorts of coffees in the basket, the California Delicious will cost you about $110 (~Rp.1.400.000), way more than any usual gourmet coffee gift baskets, but it’ll be worth it.

Now with our top 4 of gourmet coffee gift baskets, it’s up to you to decide which will be the best gift basket to give away. Remember, aim for something that the person that you’re buying for likes, if not the same preference, try to aim at least close to it, because the perfect gift would be something that reminds you of the person.

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