Super Gayo Coffee: A Gayonese Rocker’s Own Recipe

Super Gayo Coffee: A Gayonese Rocker’s Own Recipe

Super Gayo Coffee, a small traditional Gayo coffee shop located in the New Kebayoran (Kebayoran Baru) area in South Jakarta, aiming mostly college students and employees around the area, this coffee shop has quite an interesting story. Starting with one of its owners being the guitarist of an Indonesian music group called “The Fly”, Kin Aulia gives the name Super Gayo Coffee for a little sense of rock to attract young people as a place to hang out, and of course for coffee drinkers and connoisseurs who would love to savor and taste the renowned Gayo coffee from Aceh that can’t be served more flawlessly other than by the locals in Super Gayo Coffee.

Super Gayo Coffee in Jakarta

A Rocker’s Little Story

Born in Takengon Aceh, the 41 year-old Gayonese is a well-known guitarist and vocalist in Indonesia. Starting his career as a guitarist in the music group called “The Fly” is the beginning of Kin’s journey in the music industry. Kin straightly got offered to be the guitarist in The Fly right after he went back from his study in California where he majored music.

At some time in the year of 1997, Kin, along with his music colleagues in The Fly, finally decided to start releasing Agustus 1997 as their first album. Unfortunately, due to the lack of creativity in promoting the debut album, a couple of their singles didn’t reach the number of sales that they targeted.

However, their second album released in 2000 was a huge success. Along with their hits single Terbang, the second album made Kin and The Fly quite famous as they have surpassed the number of sales that they have targeted for this album. Kin’s fame isn’t only based on his presence in The Fly’s music, he has also started a music group called “The Chemistry” in 2009 along with several other great Indonesian musicians like Yuke Sampurna and Aria Baron.

Super Gayo Coffee

Kin’s love for coffee started when he came back to his hometown Takengon, Central Aceh, in 2013. In Takengon, he watched his brother roasting coffee beans, and found it interesting to him. He stated that from there he could see business opportunities by taking and selling Gayo coffee to Jakarta as he believed the responds should be good, and it has been good.

Started off selling ground coffee from Aceh, Kin developed his business by opening up a café with the name Super Gayo Coffee in November 2014. What distinguishes Super Gayo Coffee from any other coffee shops is that Kin focuses on giving the sensation and traditional taste of his hometown Takengon by filtering the coffee. Super Gayo Coffee also serves with an open kitchen, letting the customers watch attractions of coffee-filtering. This way, Kin believes his Super Gayo Coffee brings the traditional concept of Aceh coffee to experience.

The Halal Wine Coffee

Kin didn’t want to sell alcoholic drinks due to religious reasons. Then, he remembered that back in his hometown, they grew and developed Gayo coffee beans into wine-flavored coffee beans. He saw the opportunity to sell something unique. With the high quality Arabica wine flavored beans, Kin is free to sell wine-flavored beverages without having to sell something that is considered Haram (prohibited in his religion).

The wine coffee product actually became the most sought-after menu in the shop. Other than that, coffees served in Super Gayo Coffee are none other than gourmet flavored coffee. With selected Arabica beans brewed into perfection, the taste and aroma that is offered by Super Gayo Coffeeis almost flawless.

The treats and delights that Kin serves in his café is an absolute beauty. Although it has only been opened in 2014, Super Gayo Coffee has already become one of the most favorite places to hang out in Jakarta.

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