Gayo Coffee Beans: Simply One of the Best

Gayo Coffee Beans: Simply One of the Best

The Gayo region’s renown is the well sough-after Gayo coffee beans. These Arabica coffee beans from Aceh Gayo will not be hesitated to be considered as one of the most gourmet coffee beans in the whole wide world. Gayo coffee beans possess fine aroma with slim to none bitter taste. Grown in a very distinctive type of ground in the highlands, it is almost inconceivable if someone says they can grow the Gayo coffee beans in any other place than its origin. Lying on the high altitudes of 900 to 1700 above sea level blessed with rainfall rate at about 1600s to 2000 mm per year, it is considered to be highly advantageous for coffee plantations.

Things You Need to Know About Gayo Coffee Beans

Coffee Cultivation

The Gayo Highlands, part of the Bukit Barisan (the infamous Pacific’s Ring of fire) that lies along the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, is where these renowned Gayo coffee beans are grown. The cultivation of coffee in the Gayo Highlands started way back in the early 1900s by the Dutch colony. Since around 1930, Gayo relies on coffee as the center of the Gayo economy. The Gayo coffee beans marketing contributes around 50 to 90% of the family incomes.

Even until now Gayo Highlands is still one of the crucial areas for Indonesian Arabica coffee beans. It is also the largest region in the country that produces Arabica coffee beans. The total amount of Gayo coffee beans grown in the area greatly covers more than 90,000 hectares run and owned by more than 64,000 families of farmers with only not even reaching 10% of the total plantations that are owned and controlled by the local government.

Gayo Coffee Beans Characters

The grounds, landscape, soil and climate are highly essential for growing Arabica coffee beans as they contribute in resulting the many kinds of characters, body and distinctive flavor of the coffee. The Gayo Cuppers Team (licensed Cuppers and Q Graders certified members) made claims that the characters the Gayo coffee beans possess are so vary and complex that all Arabica coffee characters from all around the world can be tasted in Gayo coffee beans. These claims were proven by coffee drinkers all around the world and graded as gourmet coffee.

Surprisingly somehow with all the strong flavors and its complexities, most Gayo coffee beans are still sold as commercial coffee and only a little amount are traded as specialty coffee. Trade names that sells these coffee beans as gourmet coffee in international markets are Sumatra Mandheling, Mandheling Coffee, Retro Mandheling, Gayo Mountain Coffee, and Super Gayo Coffee.

What Makes Gayo Coffee Beans So Special

Here are what makes it becomes special coffee:

  • Intensity of the body with a thick, syrupy substance
  • Bold intensity exhibiting grade-A flavors with lemony acids and complex spices
  • A beauty in milk, they balance extremely well with caramel, toffee and chocolate notes.

Sumatra’s love for coffee is impeccable. With one of the best of coffees, Sumatran Gayo coffee beans at its best will intrigue you with its complexity, body weight boldness without being heavy, and the acidity the coffee gives simply resonates deep in the heart of the coffee, hugging with richness, rather than confronting the palate the moment we savor the cup.

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