How to Choose the Right Roaster for Your Coffee Roastery

How to Choose the Right Roaster for Your Coffee Roastery

Exceptional coffee shops and cafés are those who can have crafting exceptional cups of coffee as their daily breakfast. Having the right equipments nearly often underestimated. On the contrary, the right equipment do take a big part in achieving success, especially if what you own is not just a café, but a coffee roastery. Stocking only premium beans is a must, yet the equipment must make your days being the owner easier.

As the owner of the coffee roastery, any decision you’ll ever make will be as crucial as choosing the right roaster equipment. It is very crucial for you to choose the very best equipment on which you will use to aid in your coffee roastery. Here are some few things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect equipment.

Choosing the Right Coffee Roastery

How Much Coffee Do I Need to Roast?

On the contrary of supposedly being a silly question to ask, this is actually a very important one. Everybody is enthusiastic enough to want to roast as much beans as possible, yet the reality differs. The reality is that most people that buy a roaster won’t use it in a commercial setting, in other words they won’t need the huge capacity the roast machine can offer.

Let’s prove this: If you are one of those who are on the 9 to 5 day job and intend to start a small coffee roastery business on the side, then you would have to think of the roaster size that you truly need. The size of the roaster is important. Start small, don’t rush it. Start with what your customers need and have then upgrade when it’s time to.

This way you’ll have time to learn while also expanding on what you know about growing your business.Say, why invest $25,000 for a 10kg roaster when the 1kg roaster will just about finish the job? Keep in mind that you’re the one inventing the blend, so using the 10kg roaster and getting it wrong is basically setting your money on fire.

Electric or Gas?

This might seem to be a no-brainer. Gas seems to be the preferred choice for a coffee roastery, right? Not always. This depends on the size of your roaster. See how fundamental the size of the roaster is for your coffee roastery? Aside from that, you need to compare things between these two, things like: How much is the installation cost, is there any gas line available, is there any restrictions in the state that concern gas connections and many more.

However, electric is found to be more convenient these days, for the small sizes of roasters that is. All you need to do is plug it in. And if there are many regulations around gas in where you want to build your coffee roastery, it really pays to do your homework.

These are some fundamentals to reach success for your coffee roastery. It is more than beneficial if you’re really considerate when choosing the perfect roaster machine for your coffee roastery. Best of luck!

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