Degayo Coffee Evolves Their Coffee Preparation

Degayo Coffee Evolves Their Coffee Preparation

Coffee preparation comes in many unique ways, frothing milk on your cappuccino for instance. Yet, as technology evolves, coffee preparation also evolves. What about Degayo coffee? Well, actually the trend nowadays is to have your coffee from an odorless, transparent and diatomic gas. Creating a foamy, caffeinated beverage, this new trend of coffee preparation is called the “nitro coffee”.

Degayo Coffee Preparation: All in the Science

Fun thing about the nitro coffee is that it leaves a “beer moustache” on your first few sips, but don’t worry, this has nothing to do with alcoholic content. Mike McKim, CEO of Cuvee Coffee claims that his coffee brand was the first ever to bring nitro coffee into the coffee world. Cafés around the globe started to adopt this unique beverage.

Cafés in Asia don’t want to be left behind from this new trend, the big-name Degayo Coffee started experimenting with nitro coffee just about last year, and now includes this rich, sweet and fuzzy beverage as one of their crafts. As Jason Lee, the executive director of Degayo Coffee says that nitrogen being added to our coffee changes the whole dynamics and taste profile of the coffee. Degayo Coffee doesn’t seem to regret adopting the new trend to their coffee house.

The nitro coffee Degayo Coffee serves goes with their cold brew. Roasted ground coffee steeped in cold water (doesn’t matter if you go with refrigeration or without it) for around a day, low acidity coffee is resulted from this far gentler infusion process, which also makes the cold brew naturally sweeter.The type of the beans affect the taste that nitro coffee result in. The nitro coffee Lee wants Degayo Coffee to nail is one that isn’t overpowered by the coffee, hence what they serve is medium bodied coffee. Lee wants to serve light, easy and flavorful nitro coffee.

Lee explains that the duration of cold brewing, and the amount and temperature of the water is in the first part of controlling the taste that their nitro coffee produce. The next part is that they have to control the amount of gas used in the infusion process. Keep in mind that the components used when serving acidic beverages on draft must all be made of stainless steel.

Once the cold brewing is finished, a canister supplying a steady stream of gas will be connected to the keg. This is where you choose whether you want to infuse 100% of nitrogen into the cold brew, or you want to mix it with carbon dioxide. What gives the sweet note to the nitro coffee is the nitrogen, and what makes it fizzy is the carbon dioxide. However, carbon dioxide will add acidity, Lee suggested to not have too much of it.

Each gas amount in the tank can be customized, depending to the kind of cold brew that is served. This allows us to make the coffee fizzier, sweeter, or creamer. The Degayo Coffee executive director also pointed out that it takes heaps of trials and mistakes to know the right amount of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to use. Lee also stated that it took 6 month for Degayo Coffee to come up with their final product.

Degayo Coffee is really careful when it comes to serving their nitro coffee. They don’t want it to be served too strong, all they want is for the customers to sip on some sweet, fizzy and flavorful nitro coffee.

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